Staff Info

Main Duties

Yen-Ko Lin, MD

Director of Teaching and Learning Development and Resource Center

Director of Emergency Surgery, Department of Emergency Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital

Vice Chair, School of Medicine, College of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University 

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Humanities and Education, Kaohsiung Medical University


Ext: 2763

Overall leadership and supervision of the Teaching and Learning Development and Resource Center

Min-chun Lee(Contact Window for International Students)

1.     Teacher’s growth score

2.     Faculty development committees

3.    Teacher’s e-Portfolio (including system building, maintaining, updating, debugging, and consulting)

4.     MOE Teaching Practice Research Program

l   Calls/Orientation for project proposals

l   Reviewing, approval, response, postponement, budgetary control, and reimbursement

l   Experience sharing sessions/Keynote speeches

l   Incentives and subsidies

5.     Teaching mentor meetings/tracks

6.     Qualitative interviews with students (teaching/courses)

7.     Research mentor meetings/tracks/feedback

8.      Rewards for outstanding teaching materials (preliminary review/external review/reexamination)/Awards ceremony

8.      Tasks pertaining to the Division of Teaching Development, EMI Bilingual Education Promotion Center

Yu-Chun Wu

1.     Teaching evaluation system maintenance/update/data processing

2.     Teaching Evaluation APP

3.     ”Course Evaluation” and ”Instructor Evaluation” Execution/Statistics/Analysis/Rewards/Warning

4.     Teaching Quality Enhancement Committee

5.     Selection of the Distinguished Teaching Award/awards ceremony

6.     Selection of the Excellence in Teaching Award/awards ceremony

7.     Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee

8.  Tasks pertaining to flexible salary special excellent teaching talents

Hsin-I Kung

1. Arranging schedules of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

2. Document management of the Office of Academic Affairs

3. Reply to the feedback mailbox of the Office of Academic Affairs

4. Managing the Academic affairs administration

5. Coordinating the work team of academic affairs of the NSYSU-KMU Aim-for-the-Top Alliance

6. Collection and submission of school-level meeting proposal materials

7. Handling the activities of teacher’s professional development

8. Handling the integrated services for new faculty

9. Projects/temporary tasks assigned by the supervisor

Hsiu-Hui Ou

1. Tasks pertaining to Advanced Teaching Assistant

2. Tasks pertaining to Teaching Assistant

3. Training for Part-time (Advanced) Teaching Assistant

4. Tasks pertaining to Excellent TA Selection

5. Tasks pertaining to teacher’s professional growth community

6. The MOE program of issued-oriented interdisciplinary narrative groups and teacher community development

Yen-Ching Lin

Standardized patient recruitment and training

  1. Establishment, recruitment, and evaluation of standardized patient manpower pool
  2. Applying for the National Examination Standard Patient Certification of the Taiwan Medical Education Association
  3. Co-organizing National OSCE
  4. Cooperating with the school to organize OSCE assessment or teaching activities
  5. Undertaking the "Workshop for Standardized Patient Teaching Plan Design and Practice Video Recording"
  6. Undertaking "Standardized Patient Fellowship Activities"
  7. Clinical Skills Development Committee
  8. Projects/temporary tasks assigned by the supervisor

Ching-Ya Huang

  1. Managing and maintaining the Center for Medical Simulation
  2. Managing and maintaining the Center for Simulation of Care for and Experience of the Elderly
  3. Assisting in SimMan/SimBaby/SimNewB immersive situational teaching
  4. Assisting in Airway Management situational teaching
  5. Holding Basic Life Support courses
  6. Assisting in the operation of OSCE
  7. Providing visiting and clinical skills experience

Chia-Che Lee

  1. Clinical Skill Center Management 
  2. Assisting in Objective Structured Clinical Examination