Staff InfoMain Duties

Chien-Yi Chuang

  1. Overall leadership and supervision of the Division of Academic Planning
  2. Overall supervision of Higher Education Sprout Project
  3. Planning, supervision, and promotion of Higher Education Sprout Project
  4. Planning and promotion of Ministry of Education programs
  5. Services pertaining to the evaluation of KMU
  6. Other duties as assigned

Pei-Liang Lee

  1. Implementation of Higher Education Sprout Project
  2. Support for matters related to OAA
  3. Promotion and implementation of Ministry of Education programs
  4. Honorary Doctorate
  5. Focused Course Program
  6. Review of procurement of teaching equipment budget
  7. Other duties as assigned

Xiao-Wei Lin

  1. Student Internship Committee
  2. Student internship Insurance
  3. Final Check of Course Progress Outline
  4. Integration of Teaching Hours
  5. Curriculum Tracking Project
  6. Direct Pursuit of Ph.D. Degree
  7. Industry Master Program
  8. Promotion of Intellectual Property, Character Education & Gender Equality Projects
  9. National Examinations Analysisi and Improvement
  10. Management of International Student System
  11. OAA annual budget Coordination and management
  12. Management of OAA systems authority
  13. Other duties as assigned

Sui-Chun Li

  1. Distance Learning
  2. Accounting Report of Students
  3. Planning of Academic Calendar
  4. Education Level Report to Ministry of the Interior
  5. Dual degree program
  6. Education Statistical Report for Ministry of Education
  7. Website maintenance and OAA profile editing
  8. Magement of part-time worker and related affairs
  9. Assistance for implementation of Higher Education Sprout Project
  10. Meetings for Academic affairs
  11. Other duties as assigned